South West Trains’ digital booking system was complex and confusing, causing customers to turn their backs on the website and call the helpline instead. Our challenge was to make buying a ticket simple and intuitive while delivering genuine price transparency.

  • 4 Workstreams delivered for immovable deadline
  • 99.9% Successful ticket transactions
  • 0.01% Calls to helpdesk

South West Trains committed to building its own proprietary central booking engine and it was Zone’s task to bring this system directly to the customers. With a 40-strong, multi-disciplinary, agile team, we defined and built an entirely new customer journey in collaboration with SWT. We integrated it with their multiple back-end systems and completed the roll-out to market.

Our ambition for the project was simple: to create a customer experience as intuitive as walking up to the ticket office and speaking to a station manager.

Experience Director, Zone

A brand new web, iOS and Android customer experience

The final output was a customer-centric, multi-platform solution. A single easy-to-use interface through which customers could buy the cheapest tickets, easily access travel information and plan their journeys. With 99.99% of ticket transactions successful and just 0.01% of customers opting to call the helpdesk after launch, the key objectives had been hit – emphatically.

South West Trains mobile
South West Trains laptop

Before Zone’s involvement, at least one in 10 of SWT’s online transactions resulted in some kind of error. These were potential customers falling out of the funnel, resulting in increased call centre workload, public complaints on social media and a huge missed opportunity through loss of sales.

Project Lead, South West Trains