We want to redress the balance

Reports show that only one in 10 IT leaders and 16% of creative directors are women. We want to change these numbers for the better by teaming up with women – and men – to drive greater diversity in the industry and beyond, creating a more inclusive, innovative and happy workforce.

What you’ll find here

  1. Opinion, analysis and thought leadership on diversity and inclusion in digital
  2. News and links for upcoming events
  3. Opportunities to get involved with Women In Digital


At our Women in Digital events, expert speakers from across the industry discuss a broad range of juicy, insightful topics. From diversity and inclusion to technology and innovation, they inspire us through their personal stories and advice. Expect lively debate across talks, show & tells and panel discussions, with the following four areas featuring prominently:

Innovation & Tech

We look at the latest tech trends and assess the wider societal impact of new products and services.

Design & UX

From user research to creative and design, we assess every part of the discipline from every angle.

Business & Strategy

Our events discuss how businesses can improve workplace productivity, project delivery, data analytics and more.

Careers & Life Lessons

Guest speakers share inspirational stories and advice on navigating careers and developing both personally and professionally.

The Magic of Mentoring

Women in Digital: The Magic of Mentoring

As the digital and technology sectors strive to become more inclusive, we aim to champion this through representation. Representation enables us to challenge and combat bias.

Zone Book Club

In association with Campaign and Penguin Business, we host regular Book Clubs where renowned business leaders and authors discuss key topics and themes from their lives and careers. Inspirational female innovators in technology have featured regularly:

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