Stop putting customers at the heart of your business strategy

An odd statement from an experience consultancy, but we are seeing customers and employees prioritising purpose in their behaviours. And the planet demands more responsible business practices. So, after decades of talking about the customer – we need to shift the focus.

What does brand purpose look like?

Purpose should be more than just a set of values that you put on your website and incorporate into your logo. It needs to be at the heart of how you run your business.

A clear brand purpose and vision drives business culture as well as employee and customer attraction.

Delivering experience transformation responsibly

Deloitte reports that almost one in three consumers stopped buying from brands due to sustainability-related issues. McKinsey research uncovered that almost two-thirds of US employees were reflecting on their life’s purpose post-Covid. The sweet spot for innovation – desirable, viable and feasible ideas – has shifted. We know customers and employees expect products and services to be responsible too. That’s why we’ve built in wellbeing, inclusivity, ethics and sustainability into how we deliver experience transformation.


We ask the tough questions and make sure to keep responsibility front of mind.



Purpose is baked into our methodologies and toolkits to keep us focused.


We establish KPIs and success measures to hold ourselves accountable.

brand purpose

Improving everyday life

These key dimensions of social responsibility are built into how we engineer modern businesses to improve everyday life. And that means you can expect products and services that allow for people’s health and happiness, are inclusive and equitable, and encourage sufficiency and reusability, every time.

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